What's so special about haramaki belly bands?

Lots. The haramaki belly band combines style and health benefits wrapped up into one cozy little package. By warming the midsection, wearing a haramaki belly warmer increases blood circulation throughout the body, thus warming up the wearer from the core out to the extremities, without the bulk of layering. There's certainly a reason why haramaki belly bands are worn by so many people in Japan.


  • Improved circulation The belly warmer keeps the body warm by increasing blood circulation in vital organs and therefore throughout the body.

  • Instant relaxer The belly band helps calm you down, especially great at bedtime.

  • Help with digestion and aid in keeping the midsection lean

  • Protection - Shields the delicate skin of the midsection against exposure to cold, drafts, and other environmental hazards. The haramaki belly band also protects the kidneys, which are the foundation of health according to traditional Eastern medicine.

  • More warmth, less bulk. - Provides warmth to the core of the body, thereby aiding in raising the temperature of the entire body, without the bulk of layering.

  • Relief - Provides relief from lower back pain and minor stomach irritations by warming the area, as with menstrual cramps in women.

  • Support - Provides support to the stomach, lower back, and in particular for the expanding stomach of pregnant women.